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State helps you buy your first apartment: PTZ

The interest-free loan PTZ, is a loan without interest, granted on the condition of resources to complete a main loan and help the households to buy their first main home.


  • It is a loan without interest – its total duration is of 20, 22 or 25 years. It is constituted by a period of recording of duration from 5 to 15 years in the course of which the household pays no monthly payment on its PTZ
  • Le PTZ is a complementary loan which serves to finance a part of your purchase; he comes as a supplement to one or several other contracted loans besides with banks.
  • Le PTZ is given according to income and according to this fact it does not need to exceed a ceiling of income, defined according to the household and according to the location of the good to be bought..
  • Le PTZ is intended to buy its first main home: to benefit from it, it is necessary to buy the good for the first time and to live there. It is also valid for the people who were not owners in two years preceding the request of loan.