Acheter un appartement en VEFA - L'Arrayade promoteur immobilier

VEFA: blow as is Future of Completion

  • You select an apartment on plan
  • You sign a booking contract
  • you put down a deposit
  • you have a reflection period of 10 days
  • You have 2 months after the signature of your contract to finalize your financing
  • Your booking contract is passed on to the solicitor who will notify you your project of act and your bank will pass on him your loan offer.


Why To invest in the New?

  • New allows you to acquire the good which corresponds totally to your desires, whether it is for the architecture or the used materials.
  • The new apartments rent very easily
  • The new apartments allow consequent tax reductions
  • The new apartments establish a heritage, an investment

The advantages of the new?

  • The new apartments answer the standards of current construction RT on 2012
  • To buy a new apartment it is to have no concern of big works to be made during about ten year (you will not have to worry about the old boiler which is going to give up the ghost or euros which leave in smoke by attic badly isolated or classic arts windows).
  • You choose your services(performances): covers grounds, walls, colors. You personalize your new apartment according to your desires(envies) accompanied with our account manager
  • Solicitor’s expenses are reduced (approximately 2.5 in 3 %, while the old is 8 %)